Sunday, 29 November 2009

A Belated Announcement

Not quite 6 months after it was due, here are the results of the Zodiac Reactor Tournament:

The top ten, in reverse order, are (were :P) :

sykoone 4325
VNeuberg 5462
greatether 6460
HawaiianPenguinz 8865
Katare 12414
PR2_STORY 15150
LethalMutiny 55795
Asperon 59400
archilepsy 88700

And the winner was elldaman311 with 200516!

A big kongratulations to elldaman311 for winning, and thank you to everyone for taking part and being patient for these results to be posted up :P

1 comment:

Katare said...

I placed? This must be from when tourney participation dipped really low...