Tuesday, 30 March 2010

And The Best Babysitter In The Hall Is...

Over the week many of you tried your hand at babysitting, but only one can have the coveted prize of best babysitter, decided by the Joll parents of course.

They watched your progress throughout the week, and gave you scores which they have kept secret until just now when they told me. Well, they tried to keep it secret, it seems that the scores of your competitors were continually leaked but we won't tell them that.

In reverse order, the best ball babysitters were:

5) Katare             14279
4) Soro99            14381
3) Kresick            14502
2) george076393 14839

And a big, red Kongratulations to Kong's best babysitter of baby balls, Zelja! He got the all time high score of 14860 and claims to have optimised every level!

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