Wednesday, 27 May 2009

After a tough week of joining up coloured pipes, only a handful of people have managed to emerge with a score, so thank you and kongratulations to you all for taking part. Despite there being two categories, unlike last time we have the same person emerging victorious in each high score list. Impressive!

In reverse order, the top 11 were:

Smuglapse with 416
Pezsmatulok with 259
Purplefrog with 232
Zelja with 199
Kma029 with 150
Amoz with 149
Kyriva with 136
Xymnala with 131
Zachkenobi with 117
CheezezbergrPls with 114

And the winner by almost half a minute is... Deafr0x with 87! Very big kongratulations to you for winning this week's "The choice is yours" Hall of Odin Tournament!

Full scores here! 

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