Sunday, 14 June 2009

Making Stars

Today, we embark on a journey of weeklong length, starting slowly but increasing our pace all the time to create stars. We must shove blobs of Earth, Air, Wind and Fire into funface's Zodiac Reactor, whilst avoiding the villainous Chaos Orbs and nefarious Exploding Orbital Minions.

Grab the elements when they come within reach, and protect your reactor with the shield. It might be a good idea to start on normal mode, but the high scores will be taken from the terminal velocity mode. Leave a link to your screenshot with your name and score in the comments below. Screenshots like this are acceptable, showing your score and your name in the top right of chat next to the plug.

To take a screenshot, follow the directions here by ES, then paste the link between the exclamation marks in step 10 into the comment box (click where it says [number] comments below this post). Don't forget to say who you are and what your score was in the comment too.

Entries will be accepted until midnight on Sunday the 21st of June (that's Father's Day!). Good luck to you all!


Anonymous said...

What a nice score.


P.S back to gemcraft for me =|

Anonymous said...

Copy and paste this one instead.


I still have to play gemcraft

Anonymous said...

Me again.
I really surprised myself with this score I had no idea i could do that.