Sunday, 17 May 2009

Spin, Mix and Light Up!

No, this isn't a an appeal for resident DJs, but it is a call to the mouse for this week's Hall tournament!

A big red thank you to Xymnala for suggesting the game. We'd also like to thank everyone who took part and voted in this very close vote, especially to whoever gave the 11th vote to Colourshift which saved us the headache of working out what to do with a tie :P

With the game decided you now have one week, until Sunday midnight, to get as low a score as possible on two modes of Colourshift. Your scores will be added (a little easier than multiplication ;) ) together and whoever has the lowest score will be crowned the victor. Despite being unreliably informed that hard colour had no wrap (you know who you are :P), the two modes will be medium colour, and hard mono. These are found on 'Quick Play' on the main menu.

Good luck everyone!

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Anonymous said...

kyr im going to make sure you suffer from this