Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Drumroll please.......

Welcome to The Hall of Odin's blog!

This is a blog by The Hall for The Hall so we welcome any and all of your suggestions. This doesn't have to stay as a blog, this doesn’t have to stay on this site....this is YOUR (yes you the HoO's patrons) blog so tell us exactly what you want it to be like.

A few of you have mentioned that you might be willing to lend a hand in the creation of this home away from home and we would greatly appreciate any help you care to give. Give us a little while to get this whole thing up and running and then we will also be looking for any HoO regulars who want to contribute posts to this.

Anyone who wants to help with this or just make some suggestions please comment on here or leave a shout/whisper in one of our profiles.

And finally....a huge huge thank you to all the Hall of Odin’s regulars and occasional visitors who make The HoO the great place it is. We know who you are (mwahahaha yes we are watching you :p) and we think you are awesome. The HoO is only great because of you. Your friendly attitude in welcoming new and old users alike, your helpfulness in giving tips for their every gaming needs (so I’m meant to put the hairdryer in the sink not the bath!) and your friendly and entertaining chatter make The HoO what it is.

I shall leave you with a small example of this entertaining chatter we speak of....

Much love and affection
thehallofodin, Valkyrie, vanilla_dreaming and bobo82.


Valkyrie said...

Bobo, Vanilla and I believe that the Hall is the Best place to hang up your shields, cast away your battle gear and let the day's weariness pass. This is the mental beanbag that you always craved for.


kikkerman said...

All right, I'm doing my part to advertise, lets hope this blog gets it's feet off the ground and spins it's propelers....wait....anyway, it's looking good, keep up the good work guys.

COLTchr said...

Hey everyone!
Wow, I'm so honored to have my art on the blog! And thank you so much for the comments, guys!
Lets get together and have some coffee and cookies then!! XD