Friday, 30 May 2008


We've been getting a lot of questions about the blog so i thought i would try and answer some of them by giving you a little more info on what our plan is.

Authors: For the time being it’s just thehallofodin, Vanilla and Bobo. The blog has only been up a few days and we’re keeping authors to a minimum until things are a little more sorted and running smoothly. We would really really like some regulars to be authors and as soon as we are ready to take some on we will put the word out. In the meantime leave one of us a whisper if you want to be considered as a future author. Like we have already said this is YOUR blog and we want YOUR input, the only reason we are keeping it to a small number of authors at first is just to keep things easy whilst we get it all set up.

Contributions: You don’t need to be an author to contribute something to the blog. If you have a snippet of conversation, funny story, screen shot, anything really then just leave one of us a shout/whisper and we will try and put it into one of our posts with a comment saying it was your contribution.

Suggestions: Some of you have been giving us some really great suggestions (thank you Monkey_Saw for the poll idea!). Keep it up guys, leave us messages on our profiles and on this blog as then we have a lasting record of who said what. (I personally have the memory of a confused goldfish so please don’t be offended if I forget something you have told me in chat!) small apology some idiot (*whistles nonchalantly* me? No definitely not me!) may have pressed the wrong button on the allowing comments page...all fixed, so go ahead and leave us some comments on the posts on this blog!

And finally, okay okay I give in, now stop the nagging! (you know who you are)

Happy now? :p.
bobo x


jugglinguy said...

I personally enjoyed the part with the cookies

kikkerman said...

A good blog, but lets hope we can organize through these tech issues in due time.

Valhala said...

Tech issues and all that be damned. For a bunch of Medics you guys run a great blog. It is awesome so far.