Tuesday, 15 July 2008

For a few moments of peace

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare
W.H. Davis

These days, heartburn, indigestion, roadrage and bleary eyes seem to be the norm. We at the Hall try to soothe away the day's frustrations and let you play games in a peaceful and calm atmosphere.

Taking it a step further, we would like to present to you the Zen Meditation Chimes for a soothing and calming experience. Your World, your games, your music your way!

I would like to welcome on board a new author: Bacter. If his guest contribution is anything to go by, then we have great things to look forward to. Bobo and Valkyrie have made an excellent choice.
Welcome on Board Bacter.

Most of you would have noticed that I have asked Bobo82 to take over the Hall. I am sure that you would all extend your warmest and fullest support to her. Valkyrie has informed me that she has family priorities which limits the time she spends in the Hall and in Kongregate. She will still be with us as a resident moderator.

Our other resident room mod is doing admirable social work and will be traveling to Africa shortly. We wish her all the best. Her warm and gentle heart is appreciated. We will miss her.

We would like to know your views on the hall, it's blog, your suggestions for improvement etc. Do talk out aloud here.
The Hall of Odin

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