Saturday, 30 August 2008

For Glory!

Pintsize Power, Part I

“Fight for the forces of good! A Grand Adventure awaits!” The poster had been the talk of the hamlet for most of the fortnight that it had been pasted on the side of the town hall. There had been an initial rush of fortune-seeking young hobbits, lured by the promises of glory and gold. Those who left had generally returned, a little battered but flushed with victory, full of tales of storming castles and the weak goblin resistance. Every week, another victory was announced via messenger from the summoning circle. Fosco now stood before the summoning circle, hand on his ample belt, collecting his thoughts.

He had wanted to be the first to charge across the circle, not for the generous army commission, but for the thought of getting his name in the Book of Deeds, along with the heroes of the kingdom. The idea of being a part, however small, in the great history of the kingdom made him think of banners snapping and great knights charging at dragons and other things far beyond the humdrum life of barley farming. Now that harvest season was over he could leave with the blessing of his family, so he took a deep breath and walked into the ceremonially carved circle. He said (not as firmly as he would have liked) the requisite pledge “I am Fosco Grubb of Little Delving, and I hereby commit myself into the services of the Glorious Army!” and, with a great wooshing, the world dropped out from under him.

This post references the excellent online game Epic War
Be prepared for part II!

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