Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Person of the Week

The person of the week for 13th of August is elldaman311!

Elldaman311 has been a warm and helpful user for the past few months, ready to aid novice users with the grand (yet often mysterious) workings of Kongregate and its games, and up for any and all challenges thrown at him. Beware though, whilst his warm personality will not tire, neither will his formidable skill. Just try a race in Platform Racing 2 (search speeder311 for levels) or bettering Ell’s score in jumpcat (see below).

Elldaman is an affable bloke who we hope to see much more of in the future. His energetic presence in The Hall brings high spirits to all. Keep it up!

Let us have three cheers for elldaman311!

The Shield of Odin
Awarded to elldaman311 on 20/8/08

Lots of love, the HoO crew


Doc said...


Valkyrie said...

Cheers Ell. You Deserve the Spotlight!

bobo said...

Grats ell! :)

Payton_Hayes said...

Grats Ell! I pass the shield to you, and hope you will wield it proudly! *hands over shield*

P.S. I will race you in PR2, but beware, i am rank 28 ;) (user Hayes)

P.S.S i also need to ask bobo if they are producing new shields each week so i can keep mine or if it is a pass on....either way, i am happy for you!

elldaman311 said...

Thanks guys this made me feel good and il stay like what ive been like so far . thanks again =)