Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Person of the Week

The person of the week for the 17th of September is...

Sure, sometimes we throw around the terms "easy to get to know", and "a good storyteller" when discussing Person of the Week, but you have to understand that it would be almost impossible to describe metallica_fan_18 without using these words. This guys is ALWAYS glad to see you, and goes beyond talking about kong related stuff and games with you. Do you want to talk about sports? He'll have his opinions but he won't shove them down your throat, so you can have a good debate. Music? He definately has a wide range of tastes even outside metallica.

So: what do you get when you take a good conversationalist, good friend, good gamer, and dedicated Hall of Odinite? Clearly, you get the person of the week. The Hall of Odin is proud to give this weeks' Person of the week to a very deserving candidate, metallica_fan_18. I'd tell you to meet and congratulate him, but since you probably know him already, just say gratz. Gratz metallica!

The Shield of Odin
Awarded to metallica_fan_18 on 9/17/08

Lots of love, the Hall of Odin crew

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