Saturday, 15 November 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Let the competition begin!

The Hall of Odin is very proud to announce at Kalurjong, that incomparable game by Hall regular YoungTrill, is our first challenge!

It's pretty straightforward. Competition began last midnight, and will continue until next Friday midnight.

I'm going to ask you guys to summon all your trust, because usually when people say "prizes will be announced at the end of the competition" it means they don't know what the prizes will be, but rest assured, we have a price bristling and brimming and ready to be claimed by the Hall's champion, and it is something that is completely and totally covetable. It is succulent, like a ripe FRUIT.

Hall Of Odin! HAVE AT IT!


DynamicUno said...

Let it be known that during this contest, I completely defeated - with glowing borders - every single level of Gemcraft, including the final one.

This ought to count for at least 10 points in the Kalurjong contest.

Pretty please?

Xymnala said...

Well, if that flies, I started a brand new game of Balloon Invasion around Saturday on Elite, and finished it with 5 stars on every level to end up on the high score list. I've since then almost completed one of the challenge modes as well. That's gotta be worth something too.

DynamicUno said...

Who won? Who won? Who won?