Friday, 19 December 2008

Laser War 2 Results!

After a week of intensely skillful play and profoundly imaginitive deduction of how the game worked (other than the usual 'kill everything... QUICK!' approach), we have a winner!

Before we announce the winner (don't scroll down, or your computer will explode/[insert other vacuous threat here]), we'd like to kongratulate you all on some very impressive scores. Again the highscores table has been flooded with HoO regulars.

The competition was tight from the off, and even in the last day there were people improving upon their score, striving for a higher place finish, so well done to you all for making this round as much fun as it was.

The top 15 minus the podium finishers were:

yrudoy - the developer! (If seen, flood with thank yous for making such a great game.)
SuperChick7 - last round's victor! (And new moderator, don't forget to kongratulate her!)

Payton_Hayes' brother Slayden_Hook also put in a guest appearance with a score just below Payton's

In reverse order (this works so much better on TV *grumble*), the top 3 were:
elldaman311 with a score of 212957
Darcouth with 217642

And the winner was *drumroll* Xymnala, with 222046 - a humungous score so a humungous KONGRATULATIONS to you xymn, keep up the good work!


SuperChick7 said...

Kongrats to all!!! Nice job, Xym ^^

Payton_Hayes said...

Awesome job Xym. But really, 222k, that is amazing. I though 212k was good. :P