Thursday, 11 December 2008

Tournament - Phase II

Friends, Kongregans and computer(wo)men, lend me your VDUs...

For the sensational second challenge in the Hall of Odin tournament, we have unearthed an ancient treasure from the vast vaults of Kongregate. From the days before achievements (but thankfully not before highscores) we introduce Laser War 2 by yroduy.

It’s the same rules as last time, though this time round you’ll be using your keyboard instead of a rodent – get as phenomenally high a score as you can before next Friday midnight! That’s Friday the 19th for those of you panicking for not checking the blog ;)

Good luck to you all, and more importantly, have fun!

1 comment:

Yevgeniy Rudoy said...

It's yrudoy, not yroduy.