Sunday, 26 April 2009

The Choice Is Yours...

Over the past few months the Hall has been competing in various games chosen by the regular mods. Now, it's time to see what sparkly gems everyone else has hidden up their sleeves :D

So, we'd like you all to find a game you think would be really, really fun for everyone to play, and send it in! Submissions by email, blog comment, fax and carrier pigeon will be accepted. Of course, it may be difficult to reach us by some of those methods, so choose one that you think will surely get your entry to us.

Your game suggestion should:

  1. Have working API so we can tell who the winner is easily. :P
  2. Be easy to learn to play - ideally you should be able to get a decent score with under half an hour's practice.
  3. Following on from 2, try to avoid games with a save file based high score - if there is a save file, again make sure it doesn't take long to get a decent score.
  4. Not have badges. We've all already had a go at playing the badged games (or will do, at some time in the future :P), so let's try some other games too - suitable unbadged games exist just as unsuitable badged games exist.
  5. Not be multiplayer, as then the ability of your opponent becomes a factor as well as your proficiency at a game.

Entries will be compiled for a week (until Sunday) and then a poll will be put up on the blog (this one, right here). If we have too many entries then we'll vote on some this time and then the rest a few weeks later, so please only submit one game. If there are too few, then entries made whilst the poll is up will be added to the poll, and we'll ask those who have already contributed to submit another one too :D

The poll will be open for a week, with the winner awarded the honour of being the next Hall of Odin Tournament game, and the person who suggested it awarded a big thank you (it'll be in big red letters, you know the sort) from us for finding the game.

I think that's everything, now get those entries coming in! :D


Mcdestructor said...

i nominate flash flash revolution

Xymnala said...

We could do a Colourshift tourney. :P

Anonymous said...

space game...not badge but should be

PR2_STORY said...

I think that we should play PR2..of course but you said no badges.......*cries*. So I will pick.............umm.............rawr..
I dunno

Don't make me choose!!!!

Nah I got nothin...

Anonymous said...

I say Pop Pirates for the tourney.
Thats right no-one made me say this.
No forceful whispers on my profile.
No gun jammed between my shoulders.
No death threats in my inbox.
Yeah...Pop Pirates.


Anonymous said...

I think this game could make a good little tourney: