Monday, 7 December 2009


Bad news! It seems that in resurrecting this blog we have overcooked our spells and also revived some rather unwelcome characters. We need your help in defeating them and have provided you with the ultimate weapon to do so, FOOTBALLS! That means round things you hit with your foot, not eggy things you hold in your hands...

The choice of weapon is because the zombies heard about the world cup draw (USA are in England's group, how excellent ;) ) and decided to join in the fun by eating all other weapons to force us to play football against them. You might think opponents with rigor mortis would be easy pickings, but unfortunately, the zombies don't play fair - sending on substitutes without warning, hiding underground, flying, wearing armour and employing all manners of dastardly tactics. On the plus side, the ref is worse than Graham Poll and will happily caution and card you without following through, so feel free to knock the zombies' noggins off (hint hint).

Enough background information, the zombies are located here thanks to a tip off from LOLaffro. Go get them and leave proof of your prowess in the comments section via a screenshot - details on how to take one have been kindly written by ES here. You have a full 7 days to submit a score, and I'll work out exactly what time that is when I'm less sleepy.

You needn't kill all the zombies to be able to submit a score here, but it is highly recommended or they'll come for your pets during the night :( A suitable screenshot would be this, showing you in the user list, top right of the chat window and also showing the green (or yellow) plug there. I might change these conditions later or paste rules from a forum tournament, but essentially just get a score yourself and show that it was you and not someone else :P

Good luck to you all, there are only about 12 levels so don't get disheartened! :)


Anonymous said...

Hope it works


Anonymous said...

i think i can do better tho


Kyriva said...

Ell, it's called football, and squirrels forcefeed themselves >:(

Ace, for your next screenie can you include your name in or on top of chat? It's easier for me to see who's score is whose from just the image then :)

RustyMetalBox said...

2280 :D

RustyMetalBox said...

I choose to repost, because my next score is fairly epic.

Total score: 106140.

Now come. I will wait on the summit for challengers. Nah, I expect fair number of ppl to get this kind of score, it doesn't turn out to be that hard. Someone will probably throw down a million or something.