Sunday, 14 March 2010

Save The Children!

This week you've been asked to do some babysitting. Your charges are very adventurous, however, and have a tendency to roll off without warning - much like their parents actually.

Of course, babysitting some balls would be far too easy for the likes of you - a simple box would do the trick. No, first of all you must round up all the children by throwing their parents and grey strangers at them, who you can stuff or starve (don't worry, they're smiling so they don't mind). The jolls have been raised well so will only go off with their parents, who happen to be the same colour as them. Only once all rounded up can you babysit them, and the longer they spend indoors the happier the parents will be (you wouldn't want them to worry about their children perhaps being stuck at the bottom of a potential well, would you?).

Now for the rules: complete all the levels as quickly as possible, and the person with the highest total score at the end of the week will receive a huge red Kongratulations!

So, have fun rounding up the jolls from the land of and good luck to you all!

PS: leave a comment if you figure out what the 9 diplomas mentioned in the game description are :P


Kyriva said...

Nevermind, the diplomas are facebook things.

Kresick said...

The diplomas:

#1: Baby Joll:
2 levels completed

#2: A stroll with a Joll:
4 levels completed

#3: Junior Joll:
7 levels completed

#4: Enjoying gravity:
10 levels completed

#5: Halfway to finish:
15 levels completed

#6: A rainbow of Jolls:
20 levels completed

#7: Jolls physicist:
25 levels completed

#8: Finally there:
30 levels completed

#9: Master of the Jolls:
Completed whole game

george076393 said...

Do I just like, post a photobucket link here?