Saturday, 28 August 2010

Running, Jumping, Money Collecting, Switching and Levering... and oh, Teamwork's pretty important to get right too

After the failure of the World Cup thingy, let's give this a go :P

The game is 5xMan by Gibton, and I'm looking for the highest score you can get. The game calculates your score by multiplying the number of glowing pieces of toast you collect by the amount of time you have left and the level difficulty (1 for easy, 2 for medium - which I found the most difficult to collect everything on, incidentally - and 3 for hard), then sticking some zeroes on the end. I'll calculate your score the same way, since I've heard of some problems with getting some of the in-game achievements to register (which give you half a million points in total).

You have a week to post screenshots (instructions how are here) of your 'Play' screen like in my screenshot (have your name visible at the top right of chat). Stick them in the comments below this post, and you are allowed to update your screenshot :P

A couple of hints: try to get your people to arrive at the multiswitch rooms at about the same time so they don't waste time waiting for each other, and press space bar to end your turn as soon as you put a man on his multiswitch - the time left on the clock will go towards your total.

Good luck!

Edit: Important announcement! It seems that the easy mode glitches (2 cases reported so far), giving people an impossibly high score. Hence we won't be using people's easy score, only their medium (doubled) and hard (tripled) scores.


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