Monday, 4 October 2010

What's the fastest way to get from A to B?

Is it by aeroplane? Perhaps by train? No, it's by using other people's cars, and lots of them! This ingenious idea will save you the cost of purchasing a ticket, or petrol. There are no waiting times for the plane or train to depart, and no need to wait at the petrol pump to refill your car. Everyone should do this, it'd make everything so much quicker!

The genius who came up with this idea is Vasco_F, who has put together a training programme called Freeway Fury. The government wish to trial this novel idea, and will get the best performer in the training simulator to try the notion out in real life. They will award points for the number of cars you successfully use, the speed at which you reach your destination, your athleticism in jumping far distances and your reaction times in swapping into cars going the other way. In a bid to boost recycling and the economy, they are also rewarding the number of cars you destroy and how many need some bodywork done after you're through with them. They also wish to convert everyone to the obviously vastly superior practice of driving on the left hand side of the road, so will reward those who do the business on that side of the road with a gift of everlasting nitro.

You have a week to get as high a score as possible, leave a comment here so I know to check for your score, or tell me in chat (I might tell you to leave a comment here anyway :P). Post a screenie in the comments of your end score to brag about how you are the paragon of driving in each of the desired areas. Good luck!

Edit: you may need to submit your score by pressing 'UP' to get your score to register. You might not, but it's best to be sure :P

NB: the above recommendations to commit crimes are in jest only. Whilst it could well be fun in real life too, stick to playing with your keyboard to avoid jailtime.

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RIP in peace Hall of Odin
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