Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Person of the Week

The person of the week for the 3rd of September is CheezezbergrPls!

We absolutely guarantee that you'll get to know cheez during your time in The Hall. He's become a fixture in the place, and is always active in chat. He's definitely somebody that will talk to you, and get some inside jokes with you in a hurry. Cheez is somebody who understands how the hall functions, and knows how to give advice and encouragement without pestering others.

It would be hard for anyone to match his enthusiasm for The Hall, his willingness to talk to other users - new and old, and it it's been marvelous watching his responses mature from boilerplate "fails" to giving tips and strategies in games. We know that Cheeze will be with us for a long time to come, and that's definately a good thing! Let's have 3 cheers for CheezezbergrPls!

The Shield of Odin
Awarded to CheezezbergrPls on 10/9/08

Lots of love, the Hall of Odin crew


Valkyrie said...

Chip Chip ... Cheezyay! Chip Chip ... Cheezyay! Chip Chip ... Cheezyay!

Cheeze you really are an asset to the hall mate. Cheers.

Bacter said...

A well-deserved shield!

Anonymous said...

Great choice - - yay Chee!!!