Wednesday, 3 September 2008

A Very Special Person of the Week.....

As you may know, mods are not elligible for Person of the Week (persons working for kong, modding for kong, living with someone working or modding for kong, mowing the lawn or cleaning the pool of someone working or modding for kong or the pet poodle of the cleaning lady of the aunt of the big brother of the best friend of someone working or modding for kong are not eligible for this award). However, this week an exception has been made for a special user, a user who is closer to the PoEW (Person of Every Week) than PotW. This user is Valkyrie, and we just want to say thank you for everything you have done :).

So we are happy to announce that......

The person of the week for the 3rd of September is

Well what can we really say about Valkyrie? She is known and respected by pretty much everyone that comes in the HoO.

There comes a time when, sitting comfortable in our padded Hall, we must turn our eyes to the past, and remember the Kongiverse as it once was - a formless place, where the wind howled over the abyss . Then Val got a room. Maybe several? We have a hard time not falling asleep during history lessons. Anyway; Val has made The HoO what it is today, she took a room full of reprobates and turned us into a room full of polite reprobates. She can take a joke, give as good as she gets and still find time to take out the trolls with her trusty ban thimble (now with it's new tea cosy of silence ). We are indeed like a weird, twisted, bizarre family . And, like any weird bizarre twisted family, we come together at least once a year to celebrate at the oldest weirdest one's place. That place is The Hall, and that weird musky odour is all the love she's put into it.

So let's all say a big Thank You together to val for what she has done!

The Shield of Odin
Awarded to Valkyrie on 3/9/08

Lots of love from everyone in The HoO.


elldaman311 said...

Congratulations on person of the week Valkyrie and thanks for making the hall what it is today. =)

Valkyrie said...

Thank you. It has taken me by surprise. I was not prepared for anything like this. But if I am to be congratulated then I do not deserve it. I have had tremendous help from the other mods of the HoO. And more importantly the Members of the HoO themselves are to be congratulated. They are by far the most understanding people I have ever had to work with and have accepted the guidelines as a way of making the Hall a great place. So The HoO Rocks! Valkyrie is just one of the hands that does the Rocking!

Anonymous said...

Val will hate us for saying it, but her modesty is one of the qualities that makes this PotW award so well-deserved!

Wonderful choice, HoO!

Bdog2509 said...

Congrats Val! Couldn't be anyone more deserving then you. Bdog2509

COLTchr said...

Aw, c'mon, she deserves it!