Saturday, 27 September 2008

Worst. Cult. Ever.

The dust blew into the air, choking the faces of everyone in the vicinity- it wasn’t just dust, either. There was salt mixed in with it, salt crystals glittered everywhere in this wasteland. It was dry as bone, and hot as hell. There was a steady, rumbling litany of complaints in Jed’s mind as he strode out onto the flats. Brother or no, this was a long way to travel. His mother would never have forgiven him, of course, and what with the construction job falling through he needed the place to stay. He grumbled and pulled out a thermos, which was almost out of water, and looked through bleary eyes across the horizon. In the distance, he saw a dot, and made his way towards it.

Jed and his brother Kenny could not have been two more different growing up. Jed was interested in sports, Kenny in books. Jed was popular at school, well-liked, Kenny was a recluse with hygiene problems. Jed had felt protective of his younger brother for most of high school, but he began to tire by senior year. Kenny’s interests had darkened through high school, and he had stopped reading anything but musty old books, full of secret knowledge and magic and garbage like that. Jed had gone to college at the state school then, and had lost touch. After he graduated and moved back to his hometown, he was shocked to learn how much his brother had deteriorated- their parents begged him to bring him home, offering him free room and board. Money being tight, that’s exactly what Jed did.

The first time Jed found him, Kenny had been studying necromantic texts at a spiritualists’ library for days with no food or water. The next time he had to pull him out of a cult’s headquarters. As Kenny slipped further and further away from normalcy, Jed grew more frustrated. The one time Jed asked, Kenny would only comment that he was searching for something of “singular power, a… well… a chain of events which is beyond man’s comprehension. To experience it is to KNOW MADNESS”.

Kenny’s frame grew closer, hunched over and rocking on the salt flat. Jed wiped perspiration from his brow, but his annoyed face grew concerned seeing the prone, rocking form of his brother. He quickened his pace and shouted, but Kenny didn’t react. As he drew closer, he saw that Kenny was clutching something in his hand. “God,” thought Jed, “he’s been out here reading another blasted book”, but this was far too small for a book. No- it was more like a jewel case, containing a CD. Close enough now to see Kenny’s face, blank eyes staring straight ahead and lips murmuring something repeatedly.

“Kenny! Kenny get up! We’re going home!” Jed kicked at his brother, whose body offered no resistance. “Here, have some water”. He leaned down to give the thermos to his brother, and heard his soft, repeated whisper. “I’ve found it, here it is, I’ve found it…” Nervous now, Jed tugged at the jewel case. As it left Kenny’s hands he seemed to snap back to reality. His eyes opened wide, and he let out a scream. Jed’s arms held him in place, or he would have bolted. Making his way back to the truck, struggling brother in tow, Jed reached down to pick up the jewel case- there was a CD inside. “This don’t look that scary!” thought Jed… “Loops of Zen? Probably just some more of that Buddhism nonsense. Well, can’t hurt to give it a look when we get back.” It was the last time either brother was heard from.

This post references Loops of Zen, the absolutely infuriating new game from Kongregate. Play it if you DARE.

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