Monday, 10 November 2008

Oh My Goodness Gracious!

Guys we could not be MORE excited to announce, officially, the FIRST WEEK IN THE HALL OF ODIN TOURNAMENT! This is going to be a multi-week event, focusing on one game each week. The game will change every week and a high score table announced at the end of each week.

I want you to imagine a clearing, with grandstands circling a central field. Pennants flap sharply in the breeze, the morning air is crisp, cool, clear. The stands are filled with hundreds of cheering Hall-goers. The challenge is announced, the trumpets sound, and an inspired challenger takes the field. They focus, concentrating their entire being on the moment to come, they charge forward- they will be victorious! That challenger is YOU! Everybody who hangs out in the hall (and, hence, can read this blog) is welcome to be a member.

The challenge will begin on 12:00 AM on Friday (this Friday), and end at 12:00 midnight the following Friday.

Consider this an invitation to the opening ceremonies. Prepare yourself, Hall of Odin. THIS WILL BE EPIC!

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Anonymous said...

Bring the Challenges!! What is it btw?