Friday, 31 October 2008

Microscopic Mayhem

Midnight. In a clean white room, under the faint blue glow of monitors, ancient bloblike things dance an ancient dance, in competition for resources, for space, for progeny. Look through the viewing glass with us as the particulars of the drama unfold. The blob in front of him was easily twice his size. He was running out of space to move; those viruses were everywhere. His only hope was to get his enemy infected.

Movement! The environment began to change, and highly evolved sensory membranes detected the change. To his left, a protein began to form."YES!" he yells as he darts towards it. The enemy also sees it, and surges towards it as well. Just then, a virus swerves into his path,blocking him from the protein. He lets out a sigh of final resignation as the enemy bacteria noms merrily away. He was surely doomed, as his enemy's size dwarfed his own!

Inexplicably, the enemy bacteria begins to change form, and quickly splits itself in two. The microbe was dumbfounded, and chased after one of the two bacteria. He is just finished ingesting it when the other explodes from the virus. At the lab, the scientist takes his eye away from his microscope. "They gave badges and a card to that?" he wonders in bemusement.

This week's story, written by our very own Zulufox1911, references Microbe Kombat

Kongrats to zulu on the great submission and also he is pretty engaged! Say thanks to him peoples!


SuperChick7 said...

Nicely done, zulu! :) Keep up the good work!

youngtrill said...

i played this i think lol