Saturday, 14 February 2009

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

It has been a while since the last tournament, so we are going to kick it up with a special event.
This week's game is Platform Racing 2, made by the one and only Jiggmin. Everyone will have six days to create the best map ever! Once your map is finished, it will be published and everyone will vote on the best map. The winner gets bragging rights and a free hug =).
Any map submitted should be one which was started after the event start date to keep the game fair. Once you have published your map, please send an email to - in this message, please write your Kongregate name, your Platform Racing 2 name, and the name of the level. On Friday evening, a list of maps will be posted for everyone to try out, and on Saturday or Sunday, you will have the ability to vote for the best map (you may not vote for your own map).
Event starts at 00:00 on Sunday, February 15th and ends at 23:59 on Saturday, February 21st. The official PR2 day is on Saturday. Grab your hammers, your tiny colored blocks, and your fancy hats and get building ^_^

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