Thursday, 9 April 2009

Huh? Eh? :/

Things are very tight at the top at the moment, so it's all still to play for in this second game. The closing time for the whole tournament will be midnight on Thursday the 16th of April, and you can still add to your score in AirBattle until then. Did you find the two secret hyperlinks in the previous post?

Now, onto what you have all been waiting for! The second game is ... Whaa by Ridiculous! If you're in trouble there are instructions, somewhere :P A few tips that might come in handy are to shoot and avoid stuff, and to use the mouse ;)

We've had a (relatively) massive number of comments on the previous post (thank you PR2_STORY, elldaman311 and the mystery anonymous person whose comment I don't fully understand), let's keep it up!

As before, good luck and have fun!


Mcdestructor said...

woot i am so totally going to lose this tournament, i cant even see high scores

beast1996 said...

lol, im just bad...